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Smart Materials, in collaboration with the University of Malta, has developed a revolutionary method for the production of auxetic polyurethane foam. We have brought together the foremost scientists in the field of Auxetics, PU foams, and chemistry and a team of serial entrepreneurs to usher in the Auxetic foam revolution, focusing on bringing greener, more comfortable and safer polyurethane production methods to commercial markets.

 Our Research

Combining decades of research we came up with a long sought after, scalable, method for the production of auxetic polyurethane foam. As opposed to the past, costly and time consuming methods, we completely avoid post processing and produce auxetic foam using a one-pot foaming method in line with the rest of the conventional PU market.

Through research and thousands of foam formulations, we have gained a strong insight into the method of controlling the properties and can tailor them to any specific application.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, create revolutionary materials for next generation high performing products and elevate quality of life while creating an immensely profitable company.

Core team

Keith Mario Azzopardi, Phd

CEO, Head of R&D

Edward Borg, MSc


Andrei-Andy Linnas, MSc

COO, Business Development

Robert Gatt, Prof.

University of Malta World Leading Scientist

Join our quest for innovation in creating the most sustainable and comfortable materials.

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