Comfort Unleashed: Auxetic Mattresses

Imagine piling up more than 900 Mount Everests of discarded mattresses. This is our reality every year within the EU alone, and the majority of mattresses end up in landfills across the continent. The multi-billion-dollar mattress industry needs a change, and Smart Materials’ Auxetic polyurethane foam is the answer to the challenges facing the bedding… Continue reading Comfort Unleashed: Auxetic Mattresses

Expanding Horizons: A General Overview on Auxetic Foams

Auxetic structures are a fascinating class of engineered materials that exhibit an extraordinary and counterintuitive property: it expands when stretched, in stark contrast to most common materials that get thinner under tension. This unique behaviour has captured the attention of academics and industry across various fields due to its potential for groundbreaking applications in biomedicine,… Continue reading Expanding Horizons: A General Overview on Auxetic Foams